Social Media Widget

The Social Media Widget is a simple widget that enables users to input social media URLs as well as other subscription options by showing the icons of particular social media sites. Thus, viewers can easily access the social media page from the website just by clicking the particular social media icon. 

This widget helps to increase the number of followers/subscribers to social media to engage with your brands. Social media helps increase brand awareness, website traffic, generate leads, boost sales, promote content, etc.

How to add Social Media Widget?

To add a social media widget, search by “Social Media” and use the Move social media widget.

Social Media:

Add Item: Add unlimited social media information as you need.
Title and Social Media Link: You can easily change Title and Social Media Link.
Icon: Add custom social media icons as you need.
Do you want to individual style ?: On/Off.
As you need you can change custom individual style example: color, Background color, border color, and hover style, etc.

Additional Option:

Show Type: Text/Icon.

From the style setting make necessary customization from the available options.

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