Refund Policy

You’ll get the refund, if
1. Item is not as described.
2. Item has a security issue.
3. Item support is not as promised.
4. an item that has not been downloaded yet.

You’ll not get the refund, if
1. You bought an item by mistake.
2. You change your mind.
3. You don’t have enough skills to use the item.
4. If there is an issue with 3rd party plugins/scripts.
5. Conflicting with 3rd party addon or not working with a 3rd party addon/plugins/script.
6. Your server has a limitation to using our item.
7. The issue you mentioned is not correct.
8. Refunds do not apply to upgrades or renewals.
9. Refunds are not applicable for auto-renewals.

Effective date: 22 Dec 2022

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