Team Member Widget

People want to see who is working behind a company. Meet the team page or a team section build trust about a website and it is one of the key components of a website or online relationship. The team page or team section is one of the most viewed pages of a website. Showing the team members in an enchanting design expresses your business profile. 

We have 5 layouts for the team member section. Check our live demo.

How to add a Team Member Widget?

To add a team member widget, search by “Team Member” and use the Move team member widget.

Team Member

Style: Style One / Style Two / Style Three / Style Four / Style Five .
Member image: Add Member Image as you need.
Image Size: As you need you can easily customize image size.
Name, Designation, and Bio Info: Easily add Name, Designation, and Bio Info as you need.

Social Profiles:

Show Profile Link: On/ Off.
Add Item: Add unlimited social media information as you need.
Title and Social Media Link: You can easily change Title and Social Media Link.
Icon: Add custom social media icons as you need.
Do you want to individual style ?: On/Off.
As you need you can change custom individual style example: color, Background color, border color, and hover style, etc.

From the style setting make necessary customization from the available options.

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