User Login Widget

The user login widget helps create a custom login page that enables users to log in/log out to the web page. With this powerful widget, you can build a impressive login form according to your choice so that users can use it appropriately instead of the default WordPress login page.

How to use User Login widget?

To add a User Login widget, search by “User Login” and use the widget that has the “Move Badge”.

User Login Side:

Label: Show / Hide
Custom Label : Show / Hide
Redirect page after Login:  Yes / No
Lost your password : Show / Hide.
Lost your password Label:  You can easily change lost your password label text as you need.
Remember Me:  Yes / No.
Remember Me Label:  You can easily change remember me text as you need
Login Button:  You can easily change login button text as you need

Additional Option Side:

Form Title: You can easily change from title as you need.
Form Height light Title : You can easily change from height light title text as you need
Height light Title Position:  Left / Right
Loading Message : Add loading message as you need.
Error Message:  You can easily change error message as you need.
Success Message:  You can easily change success message as you need.
Refresh current page after login:  Yes / No.

From the style setting make necessary customization from the available options.

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