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ariawira2 (@ariawira2)

Cool man !!!

Just perfect

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aaronhaehnerdesign January 12, 2021

The variety and design quality of the elements is awesome. You get well-styled Elementor elements out of the box. Thank you so much!

Kid in Candy Store Makes Move to Move(Addons)

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phd2021 (@phd2021)

SHOCKED to be the first reviewer here, as amazing as the folks and offerings at MoveAddons are. What an honor! I’d keep it short but this is just too good an opportunity to go lite. So… I just gotta say – as an old-school web designer/developer from the dawning days of the Internet, back when “What you see is what I coded” – that for a guy like me, Elementor and the host of top-brass companies making add-ons turn me into a KID IN A CANDY STORE! MoveAddons is definitively a favorite that I’ve had the pleasure of ̷w̷o̷r̷k̷i̷n̷g̷ *playing* with recently. And while there are a handful of other quality companies in their class offering amazing selections of widgets, MoveAddons has a service/client touch that is simply second-to-none. I’ve been SO impressed with their support and personalized service; they’ve genuinely been a breath of fresh air when it comes to hands-on service and communications. MoveAddons doesn’t simply send the standard package of auto-scheduled upsale emails; they send personalized “How can I help you” messages. One of their fine folk even sent very timely response messages to questions, like “That feature enhancement you asked about – our developers have built it into our next update, and here’s a link to that update now so you can test it out.” Don’t be mistaken here – I don’t tout up their service because they lack in any other area – these folks are masters at developing great website solutions that will dazzle your friends and customers alike. Long and the short is that I can’t recommend MoveAddons Pro strongly enough for those of you looking to make your websites turn heads.

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