Testimonials Widget

Testimonial or customer review is a section of a website that reinforces your reputation. A testimonial refers to a written or recorded statement by the satisfied customer about the products or services you offer. It plays a vital role to build complete trust or confidence in any products or services.

We have 8 predefined styles for the testimonial section in the Move Addon. Check our demo to pick a style for your website.

How to add Testimonials Widget?

To add a testimonials widget, search by “Testimonials” and use the Move testimonials widget.


Style: Style One / Style Two.
Add Item: Add unlimited Testimonial as you need.
Image: You can easily change the testimonial images.
Image Size: As you need you can easily customize image size.
Name, Designation, and Client Say: Easily add Name, Designation, and client say as you need.

Additional Option:

Slider: On/Off.
Thumbnail Type: Image / Quote.
Thumbnail Position: Left, Right, Top Button.
Title/Designation Position: Brfore Client Say / After Client Say.

Slider Item Option

Easily change Slider Item, Desktop Item, Tablet Item, Small mobile Item, Large mobile, Mobile landscape as you need.

Slider Options

Speed, Space Between, and Autoplay Delay: You can easily set speed, Space Between, and Delay time.
Repeatable Loop: On/Off.
Autoplay: On/Off.
Slider Navigation: On/Off.
Navigation Show On Hover: On/Off.
Slider Pagination: On/Off.
Pagination Show On Hover: On/Off.
Next Navigation Icon and Previous Navigation Icon: Add Next Navigation Icon and Previous Navigation Icon as you need.

From the style setting make necessary customization from the available options.

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