Image Comparison Widget

This nifty Image comparison widget allows comparison between two pieces of the images.

How to use Image Comparison Widget?

To add a Image Comparison widget, search by “Image Comparison” and use the widget that has the “Move Badge”.

Image comparison Side:

Style: Style one,Style Two,Style Three.
Before Image : You can easily control before image .
Image Size:  You can control before image size.
After Image: You can easily control after image.
Image Size: You can easily control after image size.

Additional settings Side:

Direction: You can easily control vertical and horizontal.
Before Start Amount : You can easily control before start amount.
No Overlay:  Yes / No.
Move On Hover: Yes / No
Click To Move: Yes / No
Before Title: You can easily change before title.
After Title: You can easily change after title.
Label Position: Top,Center, Bottom.

From the style setting make necessary customization from the available options.

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