Image Grid Widget

An image grid is a pattern consisting of horizontal and vertical lines, usually forming squares, that are used to contain images. It is an efficient element to organize images superbly. With this fantastic Image Grid widget, you can create sensational and spectacular image grids without any difficulty. This widget allows you to make image grids of multiple styles.

How to use Image Grid Widget?

To add a Image Grid widget, search by “Image Grid” and use the widget that has the “Move Badge”.

Image Grid Side:

Popup Type: Pop Up Image, Pop Up Video, Custom link.
Title : You can easily control image title.
Image:  You can easily change image.

Additional Option Side:

Columns: One,Two, Three, Four,Five, Six, Seven,Eight, Nine, Ten.
No Gutters : Yes/No.
Space:  You can easily control image space.
Bottom Space: You can easily control bottom space.
Image Size: You can easily control image size.

From the style setting make necessary customization from the available options.

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