Image Box Widget

If you want to add an image box on your web page containing an image with a headline and text, look no further than this unique Image Box widget. It enables you to add images in a stylish and attractive manner. You can choose an image, set the attributes (e.g.-image size, position, etc.) and add hover animation with this widget. As regards the headline and text, you can adjust the text color, typography, spacing between texts, alignments, etc. using this distinctive widget.

How to add Image Box Widget?

To add an image box widget, search by “Image Box” and use the Move image box widget.

Style: Style One/Style Two.
Image: You can use easily change the image.
Image Size: Easily change custom image size as you need.
Image Position: Left, Right, Top, Bitton.
Title: You can easily Add Title.
Title Tag: Easily change Title tag as you need.
Description: You can easily add an image box description.
Button Text and Button Icon: Easily add a button text and button Icon as you need.
Icon Position: Laft / Right.

From the style setting make necessary customization from the available options.

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