Fun Fact Widget

Fun Facts is a widget to express the essential key points of a website. This widget helps to show the statistical data (like the number of products developed, no. of customers using your products, number of satisfied customers, Number of projects done, etc..) in a modern way. This is the best way to notify visitors about the key points when they are scrolling down and skimming your content.

We have 11 styles available for the fun facts, you can use anyone from there and customize that based on your requirements.

How to add Fun Fact Widget?

To add a fun fact widget, search by “Fun Fact” and use the Move Fun Fact widget.

Icon: Add Fun Fact Icon as you need.
Icon Position: Left Right, Top, Button, Before Number, After Number.
Counter Title: Add Counter Title as you need.
Target Number: You can easily use Fun Fact countdown number.

From the style setting make necessary customization from the available options.

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