Video Widget

There are a lot of benefits of adding videos to a website. Video helps to deliver the message easily, engage website visitors, build up the bond with website visitors, and increase the overall conversion. How to use Video Widget? To add a Video widget, search by “Video” and use the widget that has the “Move …

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Post List Widget

How to use Post List Widget? To add a post list widget, search by “Post List” and use the widget that has the “Move Badge”. Post List Options Side: List Icon: Easily change Front Side Icon Option.Inline Style: Yes / No Post List Query Option Side: Categories: Easily select categories.Limit: Easily control category limit as …

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Contact Form 7 Widget

Contact form 7 is the most popular contact form plugin in the WordPress repository. Active installation is more than 5 million. We have added a widget in our Move Addon so that you can add the contact form to your webpage (Contact or any page). Add available contact forms to any page of your website …

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Flip Box Widget

How to add Flip Box Widget? To add a Flip Box widget, search by “Flip Box” and use the Move Flip Box widget. Flip Box Front Side: Icon: Easily change Front Side Icon Option. Title: Front Side Flip Box title field. Description: Front Side Flip Box Description field. Image: Easily change Front Side Image. Flip …

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BlockQuote Widget

How to use BlockQuote Widget? To add a Blockquote widget, search by “Blockquote” and use the widget that has the “Move Badge”. Content: Your blockquote text.Blockquote By : Blockquote owner name .Blockquote Icon: Easily change Blockquote Icon Option.Quote Position: Top, Left, Right, Bottom. From the style setting make necessary customization from the available options.

Category List Widget

How to use Category List Widget To add a Category List widget, search by “Category List” and use the widget that has the “Move Badge”. Category List Side: Select Layout: Easily change Vertical and Horizontal Option.Order: Easily change Ascending and Descending Option.Show items: Control items.Do you want custom category list: Change custom category list. Category …

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Button Widget

Buttons with various sizes, shapes, colors and styles make contents attractive and eye-catching. With this unique button widget, you can easily create different types of buttons to use elsewhere in your site- page/post editor, sidebars, and template files. For this, you do not require any coding. Simply use the colorful and beautiful buttons in different …

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Brand Widget

The brand widget allows showcasing your brand logos or clients’ logos on a website in a way that meets the eye of your visitors. Using the brand logo, a website owner can expose the brand logos of partners, supporters, sponsors, affiliates in a unique way. Brand logos increase the trustworthiness of an eCommerce store. There …

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Banner Widget

Adding Banner is the most effective way to show your message on your website, which helps to link the most important pages. Adding a professional banner in a proper way can increase the overall conversion of a website. A banner promulgates your announcement about a new product, offers, or any other call to action button …

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Accordion Widget

In order to ensure a good-looking appearance and organize pages appropriately, the Accordion widget plays a vital role. If there is a small amount of space on the page, this widget helps fit a lot of information within the space. This widget works by showing the text in a collapsed, condensed manner to be fitted …

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