Accordion Widget

In order to ensure a good-looking appearance and organize pages appropriately, the Accordion widget plays a vital role. If there is a small amount of space on the page, this widget helps fit a lot of information within the space. This widget works by showing the text in a collapsed, condensed manner to be fitted within the space.

This handy widget works quite similar to the toggle widget. However, in Accordion, you can only expand a single item among multiple items at a time. When a particular item is expanded, the rest of the items automatically remain collapsed. But with toggle, you can expand as many items as you want.

We have 5 styles available in the Accordion widget. Check the demo to see the styles.

To add the widget, Type “Accordion” and Drag the widget that has the “Move” badge.

Accordion widget


After adding the widget to the required position, add, edit or remove the item for the accordion.

In the content, select the content source. There is an option to select the content source. It can be an existing template or custom. To show content from the existing saved template select the option and choose a template.

Select the custom, to add the content from here.

Enable the individual icon option if you want.

Additional Option:

Custom Icon: Enable/Disable.
Icon Position: Before / After Title.


Accordion Item
Item spacing: increase or decrease the value.
Add border type, border-radius, background, box-shadow padding.

In the similar way, customize the style for accordion title, accordion content and accordion icon.

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