News Ticker Widget

A news ticker or crawler is a horizontal display containing texts in the middle. It is basically used to display breaking news headlines or important post titles beautifully in a scrolling way.  With this powerful widget, you can create an astonishing news ticker to show your breaking news headlines, announcements, or important post titles attractively to catch the visitors’ attention.

How to use News Ticker widgets?

To add a News Ticker widget, search by “News Ticker” and use the widget that has the “Move Badge”.

News Ticker Side:

Style: Style One, Style Two.
Ticker Label : You can easily change ticker label.
Label Icon  Add label icon as you need.
Icon Position:  Left, Right.
Title Length:  You can easily control title length.
Show Date:  Yes / No.

Query Option Side:

Categories: You can easily select category.
Limit : You can easily news ticker limit.
Custom Order:  You can easily control custom order.
Order:  Ascending / Descending .

Slider Option Side:

Speed: You can easily slider speed.
Space Between : You can easily change space between.
Relation Loop  Yes / No
Auto play:  Yes / No.
Slider Navigation:  Yes / No.
Slider Pagination:  Yes / No.
Next Navigation Icon:  Add Next Navigation Icon as you need.
Previous Navigation Icon:  Add Previous Navigation Icon as you need.

From the style setting make necessary customization from the available options.

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